Opy Health becomes a Certified B Corp Corporation

Recognition certifies companies that respect the highest standards of social and environmental commitment, transparency and legal responsibility

São Paulo, June 30, 2023. Opy Health, an IG4 Capital’s portfolio company dedicated to the consolidation and operational management of hospital assets, is the best company in the world in the hospital sector certified by B Corp, a recognition that attests to companies that respect the highest standards of environmental social commitment, transparency and legal responsibility. Founded just over three years ago, the company achieved the highest score in the Brazilian health sector and in the hospital sector in the world, with a total of 123 points in the B impact assessment, and it is necessary to reach 80 out of 200 points to be validated in the process. There are around 300 Brazilian institutions that are part of the select group.

According to the Global Head of ESG at IG4 Capital, Gema Esteban, the certification broadens the company’s voice about the desire to transform realities and its purpose to generate positive impact. “Opy Health’s practices are in line with the principles of B Corp, following all established international standards of management and transparency, in addition to offering environmental, social and economic benefits that permeate throughout society, improving people’s lives,” she says.

According to Opy Health’s Compliance and ESG Manager, Júlia Loureiro, the recognition consolidates the company’s position in favor of a sustainable business, crossing several fronts and positively impacting society. “We work with the objective of maximizing the positive impacts of our activities on Brazilians, disseminating the concept and practice of sustainability as part of our corporate culture, and the B Corp certification proves that we are on the right path. It is recognition of the organization’s actions, especially those dedicated to our employees, such as training, promoting employability, among other diverse factors,” she reports.

Among the indices and actions that the company has adopted to implement the ESG commitment are: the establishment of targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions; the application of energy saving and water use efficiency strategies in the company’s facilities; more than 50% of female employees and more than 40% of leadership positions held by them; services certified by ONA and ISO 9001, which stand for quality and safety in the sector; training and qualification offers to improve work skills to 100% of employees; revenue fully derived from the provision of services that benefit users in social vulnerability.

“We understand that capitalism can be sustainable to the extent that we see our socio-environmental responsibility as an opportunity not only to do better, but to invest in the impact of the business for future generations. In any company, and especially in ours, which is responsible for managing long-term contracts, a broader vision of investment is essential to guarantee a solid return to society. One cannot look at the short-term result, but at the perpetuity of the company that brings the possibility of continuing to obtain future income in all dimensions, evaluates Otávio Silveira, CEO of Opy Health.

Another essential highlight for achieving the B certification is the direct impact on the experience, on the delivery of quality services to patients, even with the interactions being indirect due to the institution being responsible for non-clinical services. With this strategy, OPY achieved a 93 score on NPS (Net Promoter Score) in 2022. “Our main purpose is to offer better hospitals to more Brazilians, covering both the public and private sectors, with no difference in structure and service. We work for access to high quality health services to build a more equitable and just society”, he adds.


Opy Health manages non-clinical services and infrastructure in public and private hospitals. It began its operations in February 2020 and currently operates Hospital Delphina Aziz (Manaus, AM) and Hospital Metropolitano Dr. Célio de Castro (HMDCC – Belo Horizonte, MG), in addition to a partnership with Sociedade Israelita Albert Einstein in the operation of HMAP – Municipal Hospital of Aparecida de Goiânia. Opy Health is an IG4 Capital’s portfolio company.