Investment Case Iguá Saneamento

Iguá Saneamento S.A. is a Brazil-based company principally engaged in the basic sanitation sector, both directly and through its subsidiaries. The Company’s activities include water collection, treatment, overall water distribution, sewage collection and treatment, as well as project formulation and technical studies.

people served



direct employees






water & sewage




Throughout work with Iguá Saneamento we have:

Improved the engineering design process
  • Implementing pre-molded carbon steel and aluminum modular structures that requires less capex and more efficient
  • Smaller facilities that require less energy to pump water into the system in addition to requiring less land on which to operate with opex improvements
Created renewable energy solutions
  • Installing photovoltaic power generation infrastructure to reduce energy consumption
Increased sewage collection and treatment
  • Sewage collections and treatment coverage has gone from 31.5% to almost 60% in Cuiabá in three years
    Notable health benefits
    • Water in Cuiabá now contains Fluor and is compliant with WHO standards
    • Significant decrease in health issues related to wastewater contamination
    • Improvements in corporate governance, independence in the board of directors and commitees, and diversity within the company
    • First water and sanitation sustainable bonds to be issued in the Brazilian capital markets

    Investment Case OPY Health

    OPY Health is focused on developing hospital infrastructure and implementing more efficient management. In addition to the infrastructure, Opy Health is responsible for administrative and operational support in areas such as cleaning, food, reception, security, and internal logistics, among others. Thus, our health care sector partners can prioritize medical services, focusing each other’s efforts to ensure better medical care for patients. Furthermore, by improving operational management and modernizing the infrastructure of public and private hospitals, Opy Health guarantees a better work environment and greater satisfaction amongst patients and users. 

    more than





    operating rooms



    ICU beds

    Through our work with OPY Health we have:

    Humanized health services
    • By providing and maintaining high quality facilities and equipment we create the environment that allows and complements the provision of human and patient friendly health services
    Environmental solutions
    • developed and implemented paperless hospital management and patient management systems, responsible waste management, inclusive of contaminated materials
    • established solar electricity in one facility and as a new standard to be adopted
      Efficient and flexible response to health crisis
      • increased efficiency and responsiveness by fully equipping intensive care unit (ICU) beds in two facilities by 65% and 120%
      • developed rapid tests to monitor its staff and partners exposure to the Covid-19
      Enhanced compliance standards
      • Embedded efficient and comprehensive compliance programs
      • Improved exchange of information with the Brazilian National Health System (SUS) to attend KPIs and provide faster infrastructure and logistics solutions.

      Investment Case CLI

      Corredor Logística e Infraestrutura ("CLI") is one of the four companies that comprise the consortium responsible for operating TEGRAM, one of the largest grain terminals in the country, located at the port of Itaqui in Maranhão. The terminal has a loading capacity of approximately 18 million tons of grains (soybeans, corn and soybean meal) per year and is the shipping hub for most of the soybeans produced in the Mapito region, which is made up by the states of Maranhão, Piauí and Tocantins.

      The transaction was completed after a complex debt restructuring led by IG4 Capital, which involved nine banks that had lent to the former shareholder. The investment also included a capital injection into the company that will help the terminal grow and the region develop.

      Cli has also acquired the sugar and grains Terminal of Rumo in the Port of Santos and became one of the largest independent port operations of logistics for the Agribusiness in Brazil.




      ship capacity


      tons of grains per year

      in 2020


      grain ships loaded

      Grain Terminal Internal View

      With our investment in CLI, we are focused on contributing via:

      Expansion of the country's export logistics capacity

      We are focused on continuing to improve the operations of two of the main grain and sugar terminals in the country, contributing to the expansion of the logistics infrastructure of the Brazilian agribusiness sector.

      Socio-economic development in the region

      Located in the port of Itaqui, the Maranhão Grain Terminal is a strategic asset for the growth of agricultural production in the Mapito region.

        Development of new technologies and assurance of the grain source

        Through the implementation of new technologies, IG4 will seek not only to improve the terminal’s current operations, but also to track the grain transported. Through this, we will pursue all our stakeholders as to the origin of the grain received and shipped via the terminal

        Investment Case Aenza

        Aenza is one of the largest infrastructure platforms in Peru, with operations in Peru, Chile and Colombia. The company is active in infrastructure and utilities concessions. The company has 88 years of experience operating in 13 countries across Latin America and it currently has over 14 thousand employees. Aenza is listed on the Lima Stock Exchange and has American Depositary Shares (ADSs) listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

        The transaction (a private investment in Public Equity or “PIPE”) involved a public tender offer to acquire shares on the Lima and New York Stock Exchanges, and an investment in a convertible bond being offered by the company.

        3 toll road concessions spanning





        passengers transported daily via Line 1 of the Lima Metro



        people served by our water treatment plant

        Aenza Metro
        Aenza highway

        With our investment in Aenza, we are focused on contributing via:

        Transforming Aenza into a regional infrastructure platform

        In light of the significant infrastructure deficit in Latin America, Aenza is well-positioned to position itself as the leading infrastructure growth platform in the region.

        Spearheading Aenza’s financial and operational turnaround

        As the largest shareholder in Aenza, IG4 is helping the company reestablish access to the financial markets under more affordable terms while senior management at Aenza are focusing on generating value via increasing operating efficiency and kickstarting growth.

          Installing best-in-class compliance, corporate governance and ESG standards

          We are focusing on revamping the company’s compliance, ESG and corporate governance policies to make them compliant with the most stringent of international standards.

          Investment Case Adelco

          Adelco is the largest consumer goods distributor in Chile, with additional operations in Argentina, Peru and Bolivia. The company has over 45 years of experience in the sector, servicing over 30,000 clients via its 10 distribution centers and 1,000 employees.

          With IG4’s primary injection, the firm became Adelco’s leading shareholder in addition to acquiring a 54% stake in the company. Inversiones Gibraltar SpA holds the other 46%

          10 distribution centers with
          total storage space of








          of the Chilean population serviced by Adelco and its clients

          Adelco Logistics
          Adelco storage

          With our investment in Adelco, we are focused on contributing via:

          Helping Adelco’s operational turnaround

          With the help of the IG4 Operations Team we are helping the company’s turnaround process and reestablishing the trust of the banks in the company's financial capacity.

          Transforming Adelco into a digital EB2B platform

          Adelco will undertake a digital revitalization and establish itself as Chile’s leading EB2B commercial platform, selling a variety of additional products and services to its 30,000 clients via its platform.

            Providing Adelco with capital to start to strengthen its capital structure and fund its digital growth

            IG4’s investment will provide Adelco with the working capital it needs to resume business as usual in addition to funding its digital initiatives.