How we invest

IG4 Capital is focused on generating performance with purpose through value creation, ESG integration and sustainable capitalism in the emerging markets.

By integrating ESG into our core investment and engagement processes of turning companies under special situations, we aim to generate long-term financial returns with impactful environmental, social and governance benefits. IG4 Capital’s investment approach seeks to mitigate key risks before tapping into investment opportunities to capture superior returns using private equity, private investments in public equities - PIPE, transformation of infrastructure platforms, and private credit and restructurings.

The core of IG4 Capital’s model is predicated on entering into investment opportunities with real assets and past operations track record, at the right price. IG4 Capital will primarily exert its core competencies through creative capital restructurings, conversions of debt into equity, promoting change of control positions with strong ESG focus while partnering with stakeholders. IG4 Capital Operations team completes IG4’s value creation equation capable of transforming companies to improve performance with financial discipline.

In Private Credit, IG4 has the capability to provide funding to companies in special situations and refinance credit lines within existing creditors. IG4’s Operations Team complements and strengths the credit team’s execution skills to implement changes in governance, operations and credit covenants.

In Infrastructure deals, IG4 has an experienced investment and operational teams and has been developing platforms for transformations and consolidations. IG4 has been successfully executing opportunistic investment strategies to buy and improve infrastructure assets using technology and an ESG focus aiming to generate more value in emerging markets.

As a result, IG4 Capital’s disciplined approach targets returns in private equity, private credit and infrastructure in bear and bull markets, regardless of the macro economic environment.