IG4 Capital is specialized in alternative investing in emerging markets

IG4 Capital is a leader in alternative investing in emerging markets

We are focused on generating performance with purpose through value creation, ESG integration and sustainable capitalism

By integrating ESG into our core investment and engagement processes of turning around companies under special situations, we are able to generate long-term financial returns with impactful environmental, social and governance benefits.

By integrating ESG into our core investment and engagement processes of transforming companies underperforming or under special situations, and restructuring or refinancing distressed debt, we aim to generate long-term financial returns with impactful environmental, social and governance benefits.

The emerging markets present compelling control or co-control private in equity and private investments in public equities - PIPE - opportunities for investors interested in counter-cyclical moments of the economy. Our approach towards investment opportunities focuses on searching and rescuing companies to create change in their fundamentals, operations, impact and long-term value. We are passionate about creating performance with purpose and aiming to transform businesses, innovate and promote a more sustainable form of capitalism.

While the emerging economies secondary credit market is still in its initial stage, there are attractive opportunities to help financial institutions in debt-equity swaps in their credit recovery strategies and in structuring corporate debt to refinance and provide credit to companies going through a special situation. IG4 Capital targets opportunities in which financial players and other creditors seek an investor with a strategy to recover and enhance good companies and assets.

IG4 Capital has invested around USD 1.2 billion in infrastructure and infrastructure related assets under special opportunities over the last 5 years. We do have expertise and investment platforms in water, sanitation and waste management, transportation and logistics, urban mobility, social infrastructure of healthcare, energy and telecoms. IG4 Capital currently has under its direct control infrastructure companies that generate more than USD1.5 billion of turnover per year with around 20 thousand employees serving around 15 million clients.






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How we invest 

The core of IG4 Capital’s model is predicated on entering into investment opportunities with real assets and past operations track record, at the right price. IG4 Capital will primarily exert its core competencies through operational improvements creative capital restructurings, conversions of debt into equity, and promoting change of control positions with strong ESG focus while partnering with stakeholders.
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How we integrate ESG 

ESG policies, data and practices are integrated organically and embedded in our guidelines, processes, operations and outputs.
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igua estacao tratamento
Iguá Saneamento investment case study
  • Around 6.3 M people served
  • 1,550 direct employees
  • 5,428km of network
  • 119 M m3 of water and sewage / year
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opy hospital barreiro
OPY Health investment case study
  • Over 800 beds operating
  • Over R$500million invested
  • Over 60,000 patients attended
  • Capacity to perform 20,000 surgeries/year
  • 27 operating rooms
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tegram terminal de graos cli
CLI investment case study
  • More than 35 ships of grain loaded in 2020
  • Over BRL100 million invested
  • Capacity to ship more than 4,500,000 tons of grains per year
  • 2 berths able to load more than 2,500 tons per hour
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opy hospital barreiro
Aenza investment case study
  • 3 toll road concessions spanning 1,011 kilometers
  • ~500,000 passengers transported daily via Line 1 of the Lima Metro
  • 2.6mm people served by our water treatment plant
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Adelco Storage
Adelco investment case study
  • 10 distribution centers with total storage space of ~60,000 m2
  • ~30,000 clients
  • ~16% of the Chilean population serviced by Adelco and its clients
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