IG4 Capital is an alternative
investments firm

We are fund managers focused on
special opportunities and sustainable capitalism

Brazil presents compelling opportunities in the private equity market for investors interested in countercyclical moments of the economy and/or in specific industries. IG4 Capital’s unique approach towards investment opportunities focuses on positive change in fundamentals and operations of companies and assets. Through the engagement with the broader financial markets, we strive to turnaround businesses, innovate and promote a more sustainable form of capitalism.

While the Brazilian secondary credit market is still in its initial stage, there are attractive opportunities in structured corporate debt to refinance and provide credit to companies going through a restructuring proceeding or in a turnaround process. IG4 Capital targets opportunities in which financial players and other creditors seek an investor with a strategy to recover and strengthen good companies and assets.

Impact Investments

We aim to generate measurable, beneficial, social and environmental impact alongside exponential financial returns. We believe that investment firms, over the long term, will only succeed if they offer solutions for sustainable businesses in society.

Investment Case Iguá
  • Around 6.3 M people served
  • 1,550 direct employees
  • 5,428km of network
  • 119 M m3 of water and sewage / year

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B Lab® certifies IG4 Capital as a B-Corporation®

Certification is issued to companies which combine management excellency with social and human development skills

IG4 Capital was certified by B Lab® as a B-Corporation®, becoming therefore the first CVM registered private equity company in Brazil to possess such certification, issued pursuant to a rigorous evaluation process which takes into consideration over 180 different factors. The certification is targeted at companies which are able to demonstrate that they combine management excellency of their business with social and human development skills. B-Corp® certifications are issued to companies that voluntarily adhere to transparency, social responsibility and development regulations.

Currently, B-Corps form a global movement of around 2.5 thousand corporations, in over 25 different countries. In Brazil, approximately 100 companies have joined the B-Corps.

IG4 Capital Private Equity Fund II

IG4 Capital is currently fundraising for its second Private Equity Fund, a $400 million Fund targeting family offices, institutional offshore investors, pension funds, sovereign funds and developmental financial institutions.